Solution for Media Owners

Take advantage of all the tools that NS6 offers you as a Media Owner.

Our features for Media Owners

CRM for the market

With NS6 you will be able to manage your potential clients, interact with them and be able to assign them to your advertising spaces more quickly and efficiently. It is a tool focused only on this market.

Manage your own catalog

Register new advertising spaces, update your information or delete them. In NS6 this process is fast and efficient; upload photos or tie your advertising spaces to your clients.

Real-time information

Keep your information orderly and secure in the cloud; allows your entire team to access updated information in real time, ideal for companies with advertising spaces in different regions.

Connect faster with potential customers

Your advertising spaces will appear throughout the NS6 Media Buyers network, allowing you to reach customers in other regions and close deals more easily. Contact in NS6 is direct with you, without intermediaries.


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